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Istanbul-ish Meze

Istanbul Lavas - Big hollow bread is necessary to enjoy your meze. Learn to bake from scratch in a regular house oven
Sweet Red Pepper Paste - A mandatory ingredient for Turkish food
Istanbul Style Pizza - Lamb and mint topping, uses the same dough as the balloon bread
Dolmasi Grape Leaves Roll - Vine leaves stuffed with black quinoa, nuts, dried fruits and feta cheese.
Meze Eggplant - Simple, tasty eggplants with yogurt and Chez Klio Spice.
Meze Fish - Whole fresh island snapper (Opakapaka), Asian style finish
Crispy Filo Cheese - Spicy and Crispy Cheese bits
Shrimp Ezme - A mix of Ezme (tomato salsa meze) and shrimp. Hot dish.
Zucchini Croquettes with Yogurt Sauce
Fish Meze - Ceviche Mix with Istanbul and Asian spices.
Pear Pudding - Asian taste Panna Cotta