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Private Sushi Chef

The Art of Food in Collaboration with Sushi Master Tom Yasuji Kamijyo

Chez Klio is very pleased to bring a Sushi Master and a Sushi Bar at your house or party.

Japanese Chef Tom Kamijyo has 30 years of cooking expertise. He started as a French Chef in Japan and later moved to California where he opened a Cafe. He then worked as Head Chef and Sushi Master for the Maui Prince Hotel Hakkone Restaurant. His unique background has led him to create beautiful, new wave Sushi. He is now joining Chez Klio Private Chef Services for Special Sushi Events.

Chef Kamijyo will only serve top quality ingredients for you and your party guests. You can order either Sushi Bar Style or Omakase Style (Chef's Course). You can also mix with Pupus (appetizers) from the Chez Klio Menu.

Please email for more details.
Requires at least 3 weeks advance reservation.

I am very happy to announce that Tom Kamijyo will give hands–on classes in February and March 2017 at Chez Klio’s kitchen! Click here for more details.